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  • Our Mission

    At Sloma Real Estate Group, we believe in delivering an individually-tailored and uncompromisingly thorough experience that is memorable for all of the right reasons. Whether you’re in the market for a new home or looking to sell your current one, we take pride in providing an unmatched service that seamlessly integrates the extensive resources of the Jameson Sotheby’s brand with the accessibly-refined elegance and unparalleled dedication of our knowledgeable team. At Sloma Real Estate Group, we prioritize simplicity and professionalism, and work relentlessly to ensure that each of our clients’ have their expectations not only met, but exceeded.

    Our Team

    Izabela Sloma

    Founder/President of Sloma Real Estate Group

    While most real estate professionals are purveyors of the American Dream, Izabela Sloma stands as its physical embodiment. Over the course of her 10 years working in Chicago’s luxury real estate market, Izabela has established herself as the city’s premier provider of a comprehensive and elegantly refined home buying or selling experience. She has been marked as a Top Residential Producer by the Chicago Association of Realtors every year since 2010, and has accumulated over $200 million in total sales volume since 2007, placing her firmly in the Top 1% of all Chicagoland agents. Yet it is not the constant redefining of market standards that separates Izabela from her industry peers, but rather the unmatched dedication and client-first philosophy with which she approaches each and every transaction. 

    Izabela’s ascension to Senior VP, Sales at Compass Real Estate was anything but traditional, having followed a path to success that would make Horatio Alger proud. Her story began, as many of the best do, at the fateful intersection of opportunity and initiative. After tiring of making just enough to pay the bills while working multiple odd jobs – from cleaning houses (not unlike the ones she now sells) to tending bar – Izabela convinced her then car insurance agent that she was the right fit for an entry-level position at State Farm. Her unmatched work-ethic and desire to succeed quickly payed dividends, as she leveraged the experience amassed during her rapid climb up the State Farm ranks to secure a mortgage broker métier. As a broker, however, she was frequently exposed to the frustrations many had experienced while searching for their new home; time after time, her clients seemed overtly stressed by a process that Izabela believed should be satisfying and celebratory. And despite the uncertainty of the market in the wake of the 2007 financial collapse, Izabela set out to manifest that belief into a reality. 

    Izabela entered the Chicago real estate market with a fresh perspective that allowed her to immediately challenge the market’s pervasive “that’s just how things are done" attitude. Before the market crash, bottom-line figures had always defined success, but Izabela’s prioritization of client satisfaction and cultivation of relationships predicated on trust and transparency quickly proved that the road less traveled oft leads to triumph. Izabela’s methodology undoubtedly confronted the status quo, but through the utilization of her fluency in Polish and commitment to a people-first philosophy, she had soon developed a system of vertical integration comprised of a large network of builders, developers, and rehabbers that gave her a competitive advantage in what had become a volatile market. 

    Her success continued to build as a product of hard work and the cultivation of genuinely symbiotic relationships, leading the name “Izabela Sloma” to become synonymous with client satisfaction and elegantly-accessible luxury. 

    Now certified by the Chicago Association of Realtors as a Negotiation Expert, Izabela provides her clients with a level of dedication and seamless home buying or selling experiences that are unmatched in the Second City. Now more than ever, Izabela’s business philosophy is characterized by a passion for helping others realize their dreams; “I love my job,” she says with a smile, “lot’s of people seem to think closing a deal is the best part, but they’re wrong. Nothing is better – more rewarding – than moving day, then helping someone begin their life in the home they’ve been dreaming of.” For Izabela, “people first” is not simply a catchy slogan, but rather an outlook that foundationally defines her everyday approach to life. 

    Izabela currently resides in the West Loop, a neighborhood she was initially drawn to for its “diversely relaxed” atmosphere, with her self-described “four- legged baby” – a Doberman Pinscher named Max. When not brokering deals and helping rehabbers, she enjoys trying out Chicago’s many restaurants and connecting with the greater- Chicago community through her support for the Chicago Children’s Choir and the pediatric cancer foundation, Bear Necessities. 

    Kate Penkova

    Associate Broker of Sloma Real Estate Group

    Defined by her strong work ethic and goal-oriented attitude, Kate Penkova adds yet another dimension to Sloma Real Estate Group’s ability to provide every client with an unforgettable experience. Having initially been enticed by the dynamism inherent to the field, Kate began her real estate career in 2009, and has relished every opportunity to explore novel locations and engage with new people since beginning to work alongside Izabela in 2013. Like the rest of the SREG team, Kate exemplifies a genuine “people-first” philosophy, and approaches every transaction with an unwavering determination to provide the best service possible. The bilingual, Petrich, Bulgaria native takes pride in being described by previous clients as “efficient,” “organized,” and “trustworthy,” and derives an ardent passion for her work from the excitement that every opportunity to find her clients the home of their dreams provides.  

    Kate loves riding her bike around the beautiful city of Chicago, and enjoys spending her time outside of work volunteering at local pet shelters or at lounging on the beach with a good book in hand. When asked what she would not be able to live without, Kate responded without hesitation, “my pets, pictures, and some items from my childhood.” She currently resides in Lincoln Square. 


    Team Mascot

    Our team mascot Max - the Doberman who thinks he's a lapdog. 

    "Whatever the mind of man can concieve and believe, it can achieve."
    - Napoleon Hill

    Our Accomplishments

    Statistics and Awards

    Since 2007, Izabela Sloma has over 400 transactions for a total sales volume of $200 million. Izabela has been consistently been a Top Producer in the Chicago Association of Realtors, earning Silver Status for 2016, 2015 and 2013.


    30 Million


    in 2016


    Top Producer | Unit | Sales

    2016, 2015, 2014

    Silver Recognition

    2013, 2015, 2016

    How Izabela Performs vs. the Rest of the Industry

    outstanding sales achievement awards top residential producer

    • 2016 Sales Volume $23-39.9 Million
    • 2015 Sales Volume $26-39.9. Million
    • 2014 Sales Volume $19+ Million
    • 2013 Sales Volume $26-39.9. Million
    • 2012 Sales Volume $15-20 Million
    • 2011 Sales Volume $12-16 Million
    • 2010 Sales Volume $7+ Million


    Recent Transactions

    Photo of 2419 N Artesian Avenue

    2419 N Artesian Avenue

    Selling Price: $1,049,900
    Photo of 3019 N Allen Avenue

    3019 N Allen Avenue

    Selling Price: $541,000
    Photo of 1911 W Erie Street

    1911 W Erie Street

    Selling Price: $1.25 M
    Photo of 2735 W Cortland Street

    2735 W Cortland Street

    Selling Price: $830,000
    Photo of 1503 N Park Avenue

    1503 N Park Avenue

    Selling Price: $2.9 M