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Is Bucktown the (G)reatest (o)f (A)ll (T)ime?


Though it may have been named for the male goats kept in the backyards of its pioneering Polish-immigrant residents, today’s Bucktown is anything but bucolic. The NorthWest neighborhood has fast become a cultural hub within the Second City, and is now home to some of Chicago’s finest gastronomic, theatrical, & artistic establishments.

Without severing the roots of its “Little Poland” past, Bucktown has wholly embraced its’ newly found urban-trend persona, giving the highly sought-after enclave a unique and accessibly-eclectic feel. Its’ streets are home to Michelin-starred & James Beard Award winning restaurants as well as prime shopping destinations – both of the boutique and classically-commercial variety – and the local community annually plays proud host to the volunteer-run Bucktown Arts Festival in Holstein Park, with proceeds benefiting the funding, development, and support of arts education programming.

And though Bucktown can feel like a bit of a change of pace from the traditional city hustle and bustle thanks to its upscale-quirky-chill vibe, downtown is still just a short commute away. The neighborhood is well-connected to Greater Chicagoland via the Kennedy Expressway, and there are public transport options abound for those who decide to join many of the community’s residents in going “car-less.” So whether you’re hopping on the CTA Blue Line stop at Western, making use of the Divvy bike-share system or the CTA bus lines, or hopping on I-94, Bucktown has got you covered.

Oh, and it’s home to the 606, an abandoned rail line repurposed as a stunning recreational running and biking trail / elevated greenspace – where else can you find that?!

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