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West Loop

The West Best Loop

If you want the place you call “home” to exist at the very intersection of grandeur & grit, then look no further than the West Loop, Chicago’s paradoxical testament to the unsuspecting beauty born of contradiction.

Over the past two decades, the meatpacking warehouses and cold-storage facilities that once lined the western banks of the Chicago River have given way to discerningly converted luxury-lofts, Google’s 10-story Chicago headquarters, Oprah’s Harpo Studios, and the world-renowned Fulton Market - home to some of the city’s most accessibly avant-garde restaurants, boutiques, & galleries.

The West Loop’s charm, however, lies not in its trendy transformation, but rather in the neighborhood’s enigmatic ability to embody intentional dynamism; to make each ephemeral addition feel as though it’s been meticulously constructed upon the backbone of a well-remembered, resolute past.

It’s an area that is simultaneously ever-changing, and ever-green. One where the award-winning creations of Stephanie Izard (Girl and the Goat), Rick Bayless (Leña Brava), and Anna & David Posey (Publican, Blackbird, Elske) are just steps away from family-run establishments whose fares have triumphed against the transformative tests of time; where the glass-and-metal modernity of newly-constructed apartment buildings is complemented by the alluring genuineness of the hand-cut stone used to build familial homes that have stood proudly for generations.

And so, it truly is no accident that the Near West Side neighborhood has become a Chicagoan center for basically, well… everything. Much like Union Station, which - along with numerous CTA bus routes, the Pink, Blue, & Green “L” lines, and direct freeway access - connects residents to the rest of the Chicagoland area, the West Loop itself is a place of convergence. One where the near-constant collision of past & present shapes an ever-evolving future that somehow seamlessly incorporates the best of both.

It’s not just the steadfast industrial bones that make the West Loop special, nor the freneticism of its perennial expansion; the essence of the neighborhood is born of their convergence – the curiously dynamic integration of what once was with what is, creating an energy that makes the Western Banks feel alive.

 And they are, you see, because the West Loop has soul.

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