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Purchase and Sale | Avondale | Single-Family Home

Izabela has been a longtime friend and client of mine. Upon learning that my husband and I were expecting our first child we had considered renting out our current duplex down and purchasing a single family home. I reached out to Izabela and within days she had suggested that we sell our condo  because there was low inventory in our neighborhood which would bring in multiple offers in a short amount of time. She suggested neighborhoods to consider based on what we were looking for and each place she showed us could have easily been our future home. She saw a property that was above our price range but that she felt she could negotiate to within our budget and in just a few days she sold our place and was able to agree on a much better price for the home we purchased. I can not tell you enough about how smooth everything went. And considering that my husband was out of the country on business for a lot of the process that is really saying something about Izabela’s guidance throughout the entire process. She and her team maintained excellent communication, referred wonderful people to help us in terms of attorney suggestions, various technicians, etc. I also have to say that Izabela was spot on about the staging and photographing of our home because the moment it was listed on the MLS we had 10 showings set up and on the first day we had our buyer’s offer. We are extremely grateful to Izabela for helping us with the sale and purchase of these homes and are looking forward to welcoming our first child in the next few weeks!

Seller | Albany Park | Two-Four Unit

Tirelessly worked to schedule potential buyers. She gave my property great exposure. She was willing to accommodate unusual hours and do whatever it took to make things happen!

Seller | Albany Park | Single-Family Home

Tirelessly worked to schedule potential buyers. She gave my property great exposure. She was willing to accommodate unusual hours and do whatever it took to make things happen!

Buyer | Dunning | Single-Family Home

We love Iza! She help us find our dream Home!!She know every part of town!every contractor in town :) (she knows what I mean :P ) Easy to contact - always reply for our emails or texts , phones ! Honest! she will not let us buy a home if this will not be worth it - what is super important - It   was our first home!Definitely I will recommended her to my friends and family !!!

Purchase | Streamwood | Single Family Home

When I first met Izabela I had a small budget, yet she was more than happy to work with me. I ended up deciding that I needed to rent awhile so I could save up money in order to afford the home I was wanting. After about a year I contacted her again. She is extremely knowledgeable and great at what  she does. She never makes you feel pressured and is 100% honest through the whole process. Izabela really cares about her clients and will help you in any way she can. Izabela helped me buy my first home with ease. I would definately use her again without thinking twice.

Purchase | Galewood | Single Family Home

Izabela has all the qualities someone who is serious about home-buying could want. From the onset, I was impressed by her responsiveness and knowledge on just about everything we encountered along the way. She returned my calls quickly and stayed on top of everything. She was able to differentiate  between tasks that needed attention immediately, and tasks that were important but slightly less urgent--and Izabela clearly understood the difference. When I expressed a serious interest in a property, she was exceptional in arranging showings as quickly as reasonably possible. During showings, Izabela was a tremendous advocate for my wife and I. When a property featured something uniquely beneficial to us, she would point it out. When other properties indicated potential red flags, she would explain the risks in easy-to-understand terms. Over the weeks my wife and I had the pleasure of working with her, we were always greeted with a smile and a pleasant, professional demeanor.

During the process, we had no doubts that we had made an excellent choice for our realtor. Most importantly, Izabela made my wife and I feel that our search for the right house was as important to her as it was to us.

I am so convinced of her talents, I would not hesitate to recommend Izabela Sloma to my closest friends and relatives, let alone anyone else looking for a great agent


Great to do business with!  Izabela is truly a Class A Realtor who doesn't waste you time and knows what she is doing.

Purchase and Sale

To be honest with everyone my wife is really jealous of Izabela because second to my wife Izabela is the most importent person in my life.I am a developer and she has been selling my properties since the begining and she is the best agent there is! I wouldn't trade her in for anyone, she is the  most hard working individual you will ever meet, she makes sure all my deals are perfectely executed and works beyond what she should be doing, always making sure everyone is happy. She is the true definition of a real profesional agent that's not only there for you during the deal but long time after. I would recomend Izabela to everyone. She a real experienced agent with her head on her shoulders that would always do anything to make everyone happy. There is no one like Izabela Sloma.

Sold | Montclare | Single Family Home

Iza is a very hard working, “on top of things” realtor.  She follows up and follows thru with other agents, comments, negotiations. She pointed out ides what could help sell our house faster.  She is dependable, all the way to the closing.

Purchase | Hermosa | Single Family Home

Izabela Sloma was by far the best Realtor you could have in Chicago. We were looking into purchasing a home but were only wanting to look at what was out there on the internet at first to ease us into the whole process and Izabela was more than understanding and willing to  help email us listings. Unlike most Realtors she wasn't calling us everyday pressuring us to start looking, which we truly did appreciate. When we were ready we let her know and the search quickly began with us seeing over 50 plus homes most we choosen to see and some that she wanted us to see as well. Since we were first-time home buyers she gave us her opinion when we asked and she pointed things out things that were wrong or could possibly cost us money to repair.  She was persistant and followed up quickly with all of our offers and explained everything that was going on step by step. When our offer was accepted she was on point with everything and was available to us at all times throughout the entire closing process.  Izabela was AWESOME  and wennt above and beyond for us and I would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home anywhere. I am willing to answer any questions, just ask.


Iza is the definitely the most responsive and professional real estate agent I have ever worked with. She is very knowledgeable and works on getting best value for your money. I highly recommend her service to anyone.

Purchase | Montclare | Single Family Home

Izabela Sloma is by far, one of the best real estate agents I have ever dealt with, and trust me, I've dealt with a lot of agents. Izabela does not waste your time, and shows you the exact type of homes that you are looking for. Also, she is on top of everything, and is very attentive to all your  home-buying needs. Another thing that struck me about Izabela, which I did not see in other agents, is that she really cares about making sure the property u are interested in is really a good property and has no major issues. Izabela really made me feel comfortable and at the end of our home buying experience, I felt like she was apart of our family. She is really an awesome person as well as a great experienced Real Estate agent. I guarantee, you will not be dissapointed if u choose her to be your agent.

Purchase | Montclare | Single Family Home

Izabela is an extremely knowledgeable and sharp agent.  I've been through three other agents in my life, and I have not met one as relentless as her.  She carefully listened to my preferences and only showed me properties that would appeal to my personal needs and my style.  I never felt like she  showed me a house that was a far stretch from my needs.  At one point, my needs changed, and she was on board to help me search for a different type of home completely.

Also, I had an extremely uncertain fate with the mortagage process as two banks had recently denied me; despite these setbacks and what looked to be like a forboding case, Izabela still stuck with me until the end and never lost faith in my ability to procure a home.  

Izabela is an agent who will call her client as soon as she knows something because she is a firm believer of constant and accurate communication. Even more, she works intermittently with the mortgage broker and makes sure he/she is moving as expeditiously as possible.  I happened to be out of town when buying a home in Chicago, and she willfully gave up her time to work with me through phone, email, and fax. Izabela is the person whose business hours go beyond the typical 8-5 workday; her day ends well beyond that time--when she feels she has met her client's case's needs for that day.

Lastly, another great perk about Izabela is that she is highly respected in this industry and is connected to a lot of other professionals who are the best in their respective field as well.  The mortgage broker she recommended to me actually got me my home loan after three prior failed attempts with others. Izabela created a team of home buying professionals that helped me achieve what many said I wouldn't be able to achieve, especially in today's highly scrutizing home loan market.

I firmly believe Izabela Sloma is one of the city's best real estate agents.  She is also charming and personable, while being highly professional at the same time.  I am an extremely fastidious person, so am 100% earnest when I say to you that I strongly believe it would be in your best interest to work with Izabela Sloma.

Purchase | Albany Park | Single Family Home

My husband and I contacted Izabela Sloma because we wanted to work with a knowledgeable and well-respected real estate agent, who we knew would manage our expectations in looking for a single family home in Chicago. Izabela helped us find a property we'd envisioned all along, and she led us through  the process seamlessly. We have recommended her to numerous friends and will continue to do. You would be lucky to work with such a talented and hard working person.

Purchase | Rogers Park | Townhouse

When Izabela was referred to us we were excited because we heard that she really works hard for her clients.  We really didn't understand what that really meant till we met and began viewing home with her.  She found listing after listing that would fit into the budget we were looking for.  She  spent countless times meeting us at all times of the day to view new listing, etc.  Her knowledge of the locations in which we viewed was great.  Izabela did a great job for us and we know she will do the same for you!

Purchase | Irving Park | Townhouse

Izabela came as a recommendation from a family member! Upon working with her, she was incredibly patient through our 6-month home-search process. Each and every deal we discussed and submitted through Izabela was handled with priority and care.

Izabela knows the market very well and she
 is honest about each and every place you look at it. If she sees a problem, she calls it out. If she doesn't think the unit is priced correctly, she says it. We felt that every place she looked at, she was moving into with us, that's how honest she was about places.

Izabela also was very amazing at the negotiation process. In fact, at our closing, we were issued money back, which was a huge relief!

Although, she had clients spending much more money than we did, we never felt like less of a priority to her. She was amazing to work with!

Our only gripe is that she didn't always follow up to emails promptly. However, she did ALWAYS answer our calls and get back to us with answers. But I'm the kind of person who wants an email saying your working on it so I know you received my email.

Overall, we highly recommend Izabela.

Purchase | Montclare | Single Family Home

Izabela was our first choice. We had a previous realtor that my wife and I had used before but she had passed away. We meet Izabela at an open house and she made us feel real comfortable and was very knowledgable about the home she was selling.               

Izabela was very patient and knowledgable when it  came to the areas we wanted to purchase a home in. She also knew what things to look for as far as smelling mold or previous water damage.              

 Izabela was great at negotiating. We ended up with a great price and barely had to pay an closing cost. We also had a home warranty included. She also supplied us with some great refferrals. We still use our loan officer when it comes to refinancing.              

My wife and I are very happy living in the home Izabela helpped us find. Thank you, Izabela.


Izabela was very knowledgable and personable. She advocates for her clients and looks out for their best interests. She was very pleasant and quick to respond to any questions.

Purchase | Irving Park | Townhouse

Izabela was amazing! She went to visit properties with us whenever WE had time. She took the time to explain each step of the buying process which was crucial since we were first time home buyers. I would absolutely recommend Izabela to a new home buyer.


Izabela was very helpful and she helped me buy my first property. Since it was my first time going through the process of buying my first place, I'm so glad she was my realtor. She's easy to reach when you have any type of question and made the home buying process easy. I highly recommend her as  your realtor.

Purchase | Bucktown | Condo

Izabela is great. She helped me buy my first place last year and I know I would have been so much more stressed had it not been for Izablea. She has the perfect combination of real estate knowledge and saavy, and is always available at a moment's notice

Purchase | Bucktown | Single Family Home

Izabela went out of her way to accommodate all of our needs. She was very informative and immediately got back to us if we had any questions during the buying process. When we had an issue with the house we purchased, she answered our call on a Sunday and made sure the problem was fixed that day. I would definitely recommend Izabela to anyone who is in the market to buy a house.

Purchase | Margate Park | Condo

Izabela is more than accommodating.  Seeing a property without her is a waste of time because she comes with a lot of knowledge.  She is not afraid to represent clients and ask tough questions.  She does the footwork and is true to the heart of your interests.

Purchase | Lincoln Park | Single Family Home

I first met Izabela when my husband and I were house-hunting a few years ago. She represented several of the properties we looked at and was the seller's agent for the home we eventually purchased. We ended up using her to sell the same home and for the purchase of our next home.

It's rare  to call your seller's agent after a home-buying experience, but I knew I wanted to use Izabela the next time around. During our initial dealings with her from "the other side," I couldn't help but notice her poise and confidence without being aggressive. She came across as honest but street smart at the same time.

I called her a year ago when we were thinking of eventually selling our home and buying a luxury home because we were so impressed with her professionalism, intelligence and her connections to both prospective buyers for our home and to the home building community. I also trusted she had a very good knowledge of the luxury home market in which we were looking, and she did not disappoint.

Izabela met with me to ascertain what we wanted in our next home and house hunted with us over several months. We covered the entire geographic market for homes in our price range and desired location! Even when we at one point changed our mind about buying a home, she was very patient and professional and did not pressure us into continuing because of her time investment.

Eventually we found a home that fit our requirements, and through Izabela we found a team to renovate the home. In the meantime, she listed our current home and had ten prospective buyers the first day it hit the market without so much as a "for sale" sign up! Her marketing efforts were spectacular; the NY Times even called wanting to feature our home in their real estate section because they liked the online pictures so much.

She was upfront, honest and respectful throughout the negotiation process as we worked to sell our home. She had referrals for repair technicians where tweaks were needed and made sure the jobs were done properly. In the end, our house is being sold for more than we purchased it thanks to her hard work and its location and condition.

My husband and I felt very comfortable with Izabela's knowledge of the luxury home market, new construction home market and her geographic knowledge of the City of Chicago. We really enjoyed her client service and personal warmth and would highly recommend her.

Purchase | Mount Prospect | Single Family Home

I give my highest recommendation to Izabela as a realtor. Her deep knowledge of real estate is clear and I really value her insights and honest advice that she gives.


Izabela was the sellers agent on the house that we bought. She made herself available for showings even when we did not give much advanced notice. She helped us through the inevitable "issues" that arise in the process of home buying and got back to us in a timely manner. Even after we had closed,  we had a major issue with the house on A Sunday and we did not know who to call. We called her and she got someone over to help us right away.

Purchase | Montclare | Single Family Home

It was a pleasure working with Izabela every step of the way. She is knowledgeable and shares information in a way that the client can understand. She keeps in contact with the client and is quick to return calls and answer any questions. I would recommend her for first time buyers as well as for  anyone else looking to buy or sell. It is reassuring to have Izabela on your corner, she will have your best interest in mind!!

Purchase | Montclare | Single Family Home

The best Realtor ever. Iza has a personal approach and she is always following up. She was never tired with difficult situations. She is also very knowledgeable about her work.  She loves what she is doing.

Purchase | Des Plaines | Single Family Home

Izabela Sloma is very responsive- quick to return email and phone calls and super fast at answering any questions. She really understands the local neighborhoods and knows what is important to each customer- so she knows the best apartments to show you (or how to get you the best price for your  house if you're selling). Highly recommend!!


Izabela is a realtor who will go above and beyond to help her clients.  She spent countless hours with us helping us find our home. Even during the moments when we wanted to give up searching, there she was with another list of homes for us to see. Even after our bid had been accepted and we were  trudging through the home-buying process, she was there for us. If we had a question, she answered it.  If we had a concern, she addressed it. Basically, if you're wanting to buy a home, Izabela will make sure it happens for you. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat, no hesitation.

Purchase | Logan Square | Single Family Home

Izabela was a GREAT help and we highly recommend her.  She has been doing this for a long time & has a lot of resources at her disposal that can help in the process, especially for first time buyers.  She pointed out a lot of little things that we likely would have missed on our own.  She was  always VERY quick to respond, a major plus.

Purchase | Old Irving Park | Single Family Home

Izabela is amazing, caring, trustworthy and extremely dedicated and very easy to talk to. She is super responsive, she will return my email, text or phone call immediately.   Always keeping track and sending updates of new houses on the market. She doesn't pressure me to buy and if I don't like the  homes I see, she says, " Don't worry we will keep looking until you find something no matter how long it takes.".  That's one of the important qualities I like about Izabela, but the most important quality I have found in Izabela is her honesty. I completely trust her. When I don't understand something she will explain it over and over until I do. She looks out for me. She doesn't mess around and nobody can BS her when it comes to the quality of work that has been done to a home. She's on top of everything. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!!!          

I really, really appreciate everything she has done for me.

Purchase and Sold | Schaumburg | Single Family Home

Izabela is a wonderful agent.  Quick responses to inquiries, extensive knowledge, and very flexible with her time.  It took us a long time to find the right house for our budget, but I never felt pressured into a decision.  It was apparent from the beginning that she was truly interested in what  was best for our family, and not in a quick sale.  Highly recommended.

Purchase | Lakeview | Single Family Home

Izabela is a real pro.  She knows Chicago neighborhoods very well and helped us make a good decision.  She is very responsive, no pressure, and will negotiate well on your behalf.  This is our 13th house and I would rate her in the top 2 of all the agents I have used.

Purchase | Gold Coast | Condo

              I moved to Chicago from Tennessee and needed to understand the area of the city that most aligned with my lifestyle and real-estate goals...enter Izabela!  Her knowledge of the city and it's local attractions made my home buying process simple.  Izabela was  available to fit my schedule which included Saturday and Sunday in some instances.  She took me to see multiple properties and allowed me the opportunity to walk-through and experience the property without distractions.                         

Izabela's business acumen is expert when we decided to narrow the search to a couple of properties at the top of my list.  Her research of the area and expertise knowledge of proximity of key elements that I wanted in the city made the decision a very easy one.                        Her network connections are remarkable!  When my mortgage lender delayed our closing, Izabela had me in contact with another lender within 24 hours and the process took less than a week to finalize.  At closing, I met her support team and they are all as incredible as her!                        

Top notch experience and I gladly refer her whenever I can to friends and colleagues looking to make a move.  I will continue to do business with her as long as I am in Illinois!                        

Thank you, Izabela! 

Sold | Old Irving Park | Single Family Home

Izabela is one of the best agents I have worked with.  Very friendly and one of the most kind people I have met.  She has great knowledge in what she does and I would highly recommend Izabela as your Agent.  " Best Agent in Chicago!  "

Purchase and Sold | Logan Square | Single Family Home

Izabela is the best agent I ever worked with. The best to buy with and the best to sell with. Honest and dedicated, very trustful and respectful in the local real estate community.

Purchase | Fulton River District | Condo

We searched for houses for nearly 6 months.  Izabela had good insight into things, and displayed great professionalism and patience.  She made us feel confident and comfortable throughout the whole search process.  She knew the city very well.  I will totally recommend her to my friends.

Sold | The Loop | Condo

Izabela was professional and easy to deal with.  High energy, no-nonsense, practical, and responsive in all ways.  She would respond to calls or emails within minutes.  She brought multiple offers to us for consideration.  She arranged reliable contractors to help fix some minor items prior to  listing.  She utilized her own marketing funds rather than apply an "add charge" to her commission.I enjoyed working with her and can highly recommend her services.

Purchase and Sale | Hermosa | Single Family Home

Izabela Is hands down the best person for real estate in Chicago.  She initially helped us purchase our home 5 years ago and since she was so great then we knew she would be great at selling it as well.  After she came to walk thru our house and make suggestions for upgrade and repairs we had the  house listed within 2 weeks and sold it in the first week.  We had a little negotiation, but not once did she pressure us about lowering the price to accommodate a buyer. We will be looking for more real estate soon and she is the only person we plan to use.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent.

Sold | West Town | Single Family Home

Highly recommended. Izabela is a great resource for navigating the real estate market. Her extensive industry experience, insight, relationships, and professionalism are top tier. Whether purchasing or selling a home, Izabela takes care of your investment.

Sold | West Town | Single Family Home

Izabela is a catch! She has been our real estate broker for years and we couldn't be more impressed with her hard work. She helps us purchase a Lot, next we build on it, and then it's her job to help sell it. She is smart, intelligent, and extremely professional. All transactions feel like a breeze   with her, everything always goes smooth and is a success in the end. Working with her has been a pleasure and we look forward to future projects together. Hands down, 100% recommend Iza for all your real estate purchases.

Purchase | West Town | Single Family Home

Izabela was a pleasure to work with on purchasing my new home.   She is very responsive, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.   She has strong knowledge of the value of the properties she represents and showcases the features and benefits of the property she sold me. I would recommend Izabela  strongly for buying and selling your home.

Purchase | Old Town | Condo

From the day I met Izabela until the day I closed, she was 100% "in my camp" and helping me find the perfect place that met all of my needs and criteria. She was right there with me through negotiation, closing and even went out of her way to let a designer in to take measurements while I was out   of town. At this point, I can't imagine working with anyone else on the next purchase and I highly recommend Izabela to anyone in the market for Chicago real estate.

Purchase and Sale | West Town | Single Family Home

Very knowledgable, helpful and professional. Superb negotion skills and a skilled understanding of a current market. Made a purchase and a sale of my home an easy process.

Sold | West Town | Single Family

I have worked with Izabela on two occasion and during each, she went above and beyond. The first transaction was buying a home. Izabela knew every detail about every neighborhood which aided in the decision making process. Additionally, she provided resources and connections to guide us through the   sale and make the transaction as smooth as possible. The second transaction she helped with was selling our house. On Friday, we told Izabela that we wanted to sell our house. On Monday, it was sold for the asking price! She is a fantastic resource and a wonderful agent with superior market knowledge. I HIGHLY recommend her for buying or selling your next home. 

Sold | West Town | Single Family

Highly recommended. Izabela is a great resource for navigating the real estate market. Her extensive industry experience, insight, relationships, and professionalism are top tier. Whether purchasing or selling a home, Izabela takes care of your investment.

Purchase | Fulton River District | Condo

Izabela is the best! I’d highly recommend her. She was fabulous to work with and took me all over Chicago (in the snow) for weekends and weeknights until I found my condo - that I’m obsessed with!